Summer in the Park

Summer in the park is designed for children ages 10 and under along with their families, each of the programs listed below offers a unique way to get outside, and learn something new about history or nature. This free summer program at Deep River County Park takes place on Wednesdays at 10 AM from June 13- August 8. These programs are designed for families and individuals, if interested in a group reservation call 219-947-1958.

Deep River Mill Landscape

Summer in the Park Programs

Nature Made Art

June 13 at 10 AM

Make a masterpiece with flowers, rocks, and leaves. Who needs a paint brush when you have nature!

I Spy Birds

June 20 at 10 AM

Take a bird watching expedition in the park, and make a feeder to take the bird watching home with you.

Old Glory 

June 27 at 10 AM

Why Stars? Why Stripes? Find out why the American flag looks like it does and go on a flag hunt  around the park.

Bucket Brigade 

July 11 at 10 AM

Learn about fire safety with the "Smoke House" and stay for some watery fun and a bucket brigade to put out a (pretend) fire. Children may get wet during water brigade.

Head in the Clouds

July 18 at 10 AM

Craft as you learn about the different types of clouds, and bring a blanket for some cloud gazing. What do you see in the sky?

Meet the Miller

July 25 at 10 AM

Learn how our Miller grinds cornmeal, and race him to see if you can make cornmeal even faster! Who will win?

Bugging Out

August 1 at 10 AM

There are some interesting bugs found at Deep River in our 'bug zoo'. Visit and make a bug to take home.

Summer's a Chore

August 8 at 10 AM 

Try some of the summer chores children would have done in the 1800s, and make a toy to take home.

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