When does registration start?

Registration begins March 6th and will remain open until full (for both locations).

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1. What is the Race the Park Challenge?
2. Who can participate?
3. When is it?
4. How much does it cost to sign up?
5. When does registration start?
6. Do the kids get to choose their teammates?
7. How many kids are allowed per team?
8. How do I register my kid’s team?
9. Does my kid HAVE to be part of a team, or can my kid participate on his/her own?
10. Do the teams have to sign up for both dates?
11. What kinds of physical activities will the kids participate in?
12. What kind of clothes should the kids wear?
13. How many teams will be competing for the prize?
14. Is the Challenge timed?
15. How long will the Challenge take?
16. Are there any potential hazards?
17. Can parents/teachers/chaperones stay at the park for the duration?
18. Is there a parking fee to enter the park site(s)?
19. Can parents/teachers/chaperones assist their kid(s) with the tasks?
20. How can adults get involved?
21. Will there be an award ceremony?
22. I have questions that weren’t answered here. How can I contact the Parks Department for more information?