Weekends and Holidays

Infant (under 1 year)



Toddlers (1 yr to 23 months)



Children age 2 to 9



Adults and children 10 yrs. plus




2 cans of non-perishable non-expired food
+ 1 paid child

Visit any Tuesday through November 2017 to take advantage of this awesome discount!

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Visit any weekday after 3:30, and recieve $2 off each admission!

Mom's Group Discounts: Have a group? Want to Play?
Mom-Umental Mondays: Get a FREE adult with each paid child admission!
Any other day: Get $2 off adult admission with a paid child's admission!

Must register at least 2 weeks in advance. 6 families are required to attend for discount to apply.







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Bellaboo’s Facility Rules

Management reserves the right to interpret and enforce all rules and regulations to insure proper guest/child safety, security and maintain a family friendly environment.
Parents/Guardians are fully and solely responsible for the safety and behavior or their own children, not Bellaboo’s staff.
No child is allowed in without an adult (aged 18 or older.)
No grown-up is allowed in without a child (aged 9 or younger.)
Children over 9 may assist the younger children in play.
No rough play, physical contact or confrontation of any kind is allowed in the premises.
No physical discipline of any kind, applied to a child, is allowed in the premises.
No child who shows signs of sickness will be allowed to enter the premises. Management reserves the right to turn away any person outwardly displaying signs of a communicative illness (coughing, runny nose, pink eyes, upset stomach, etc...) in an effort to keep the facility germ free and keep other children free from exposure.
Per fire safety regulations, all doors of Bellaboo’s facility are to remain unlocked; however guests may only enter/exit through the designated entrance.
The use of Bellaboo’s facility is at your own risk.
Bellaboo’s shall not be responsible or liable for any injuries resulting from unsafe, inappropriate or aggressive play or use of the equipment and toys or because of not following Bellaboo’s Facility Rules.
Bellaboo’s is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damage to personal property brought into the premises.
Any damage to Bellaboo’s property due to not complying with Bellaboo’s Facility Rules will be charged to the customer.
We reserve the right of admission and stay of any customer.
Customers who do not follow or comply with our rules and regulations may be asked to leave the premises without a refund or other compensation.
In order to assure your and your child/children safety, these premises are consistently under surveillance.
No refunds.  All sales are final.
No smoking or consuming alcoholic beverages on park property.
No weapons are allowed on park property.
No photos or videos for public viewing are to be taken without the consent of Bellaboo’s management and must be of an appropriate nature.
No barefeet are allowed indoors.
No pets allowed with the exception of service animals.
No chewing gum or candy for kids playing in the premises.
No customer or children allowed in the café’s kitchen area.
No foul, vulgar, abusive or demeaning clothing, language or behavior will be tolerated.
Failure to follow appropriate behavior, obey park rules and/or staff direction will result in the loss of facility privileges.