So much to do at Bellaboo's

Bellaboo says “Come join the fun”


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Imagine how much FUN learning can be

Play in the Pretend Supermarket - Pizza Parlor - Kitchen - Dress Up - Face Painting - Art Studio -  Reading Room - Train Play - Construction Play - Water Table - Pet Vet Office - Soft Play Climbing and Ball Pit - Infant and Toddler Play Area - Hands On Cooking - and MORE. Participate along side your little ones in the Born Learning Trail activities.

Entrance Welcome to Bellaboo's Play and Discovery Center based on the proven concept that there is a positive relationship between the way children play and their cognitive and social development. 
Party check in Birthday parties have their own check in station to make it easier for birthday party guests.  Check the Birthday Party links for details.
Bellaboo's cafe 1 Bellaboo's cafe is conveniently located in the center of the building surrounded by the play rooms with café seating for nearly 180 people. The five private birthday party rooms are located in another area of the Center. 
Hallway Play rooms line the perimeter around the cafe.  The colorful and imaginative center features 23,000 square foot of hands-on activities.
Cafe 2 There's plenty of seating at Bellaboo's cafe.
Born Learning Trail

Watch for the Born Learning Trail Signs throughout Bellaboo's and then do the activities along with the little ones. Born Learning is a part of United Way's Success by 6 program. For wonderful resources click on their link


Cafe 1 Don't forget there is free WiFi for adults.
Water play table "I love it.  My daughter is almost 3 years old and can't walk without help.  She stood for 1/2 hour in the water play room.  This gave us great joy and hope for her.  Thank you so much." Helene
Water Play

Every parent knows that water is magic. In Bellaboo’s water play area children can manipulate gates to change the flow of water and direct boats. The water play is two levels to fit the needs of shorter and taller children and is wheel chair accessible.

Water play 1

Water play teaches children about scientific concepts such as volume, measurement, cause-effect relationships and problem solving skills. The water table is one of the most popular rooms at Bellaboo's.

Construction zone 1 Big blocks, construction cones,hats and vests provide kids the needed tools to build. Block play construction teaches children about sizes, shapes, number, area, length and weight as they select and build.
Construction zone 2 Little builders, decked out in work vests and hard hats, don't want to leave the construction zone.  They can check the blueprints and see the electrical system inside the wall.
Train Play 1 The train table is two levels of train fun.  Children may stand along the perimeter of the table or duck underneath into one of the two holes. 
Train Play 3 The train table is easy for all sizes to reach.  Train play teaches children creative thinking skills, how to play co-operatively with others and small muscle development.
More Train Play Each room has seating areas for grownups so adults may keep an eye on little ones as they play.
Tot Room The Tot room, just for toddlers and crawlers, is paddled throughout and filled with lots of colorful soft toys that will be cleaned though the day.

Tot room 1 Items especially for "little hands" provide a perfect place to play and explore. This room is designed only for children under age two and their parents.
Village Children use their incredible imaginations when they play so Bellaboo’s promotes and supports imaginative role-play with props and loose parts. The "street" leads to the play kitchen and dress up.
Pretend Village

The pretend village is a favorite location. The grocery store, pizza parlor, dress up room, Pet Vet office, and play kitchen are connected by a "street" dotted with mail boxes.

New Sponsor for the Pretend Village is Mom to Mom, NWI.  Check them out at

Play Kitchen At Bellaboo’s activities are designed to match children's physical size and abilities. This includes height, grip, reach, and field of vision so tasks can be performed with a minimum of stress and maximum of efficiency and safety. 
Kids kuitchen 1 Dollies need to eat, too.
Play kitchen "Let's treat dad to lunch."
Kitchen Play Dress Up and playing in the kitchen! Is there a better way to spend your day?
Give the animals the A-okay after checking them out in Bellaboo's Pet Vet room in the pretend village. 
Grocery Store In the pretend village the kitchen, grocery store, house with dress up play, and pizza parlor, and Pet Vet office offer a variety of play options that support learning.
Grocery store 1 Preparing to open the grocery store for the day.
Grocery store 2 Checking out. "Would you like paper or plastic?" 
Pretend play teaches children creative expression, how to play co-operatively with others, imaginative thinking and how to problem solve.
Grocery store 3 It is a busy day at the market.
Play structure 1 There is plenty of opportunity to climb and exercise. Remember, socks are required in the climbing gym and ball pit. Save yourself some $ and bring them with you. Otherwise we can sell you a pair.
Play structure 2 What kid doesn't like to climb and slide? Don't forget socks!! It's easy to do in the summer time when children are wearing sandals and flip flops. If you forget socks, we do have some for sale.
Ball Pit The soft play area at Bellaboo’s offers children an invitation to move within safe and tolerable limits.  Filled with climbing areas, slides, and ball pit, it provides children an opportunity to explore and use those muscles.  Cleanliness is important at Bellaboo’s so the balls in the pit get washed each day.  Kids can even help when they put the balls through the target and watch them move through the interactive ball washer.
Pizza Parlor In Bellaboo’s pretend pizza parlor children can create their own dishes and serve them up.   
Pizza parlor 1 Even little guys can make the pizza.
Pizza parlor 2 Little pizza chef.
Face Painting 1 The face painting studio hosts child size stools and makeup lights. Using special face painting crayons, children decorate their faces in numerous ways.
Face painting We know that children learn by doing. Providing a place for them to paint their own faces, rather than doing it for them, stimulates creativity.  Looking in the mirror to create their own design stimulates coordination and thought processes. 
Art room In the art room, both self-guided and instructor-based art activities are offered.

For young children, the process of creating is more important than what they create.

Art room 2 There's a bit of the artist in each of us.
Art room 1 Colorful child sized table and chairs with lots of artist tools bring out the artist in everyone.

Storytelling and school group lessons are conducted in the "theatre."

Stretch and reach

Stretch and reach and other exercises can be a part of the group tours. Check them out by clicking on the group reservations button.

Kids Cooking The best teaching occurs when the emphasis is on joining the child in hands-on interaction rather than on imparting knowledge. Children have a natural curiosity that requires direct sensory experience rather than conceptual generalization.  In the instructor-guided “real” cooking area children are seated along a work counter while the instructors are located at eye level in the cooking well. Children will mix and prepare food items
Kids cooking 3 Each child gets to prepare his or her own snack.
Kids cooking 5 Kids love to mix their own ingredients.
Pedal the vehicles on Busy Boo Avenue (open seasonally) in the outdoor play area.
Dig for dinosaur bones, climb on the dino rib cage or just play in the sand in the Dino Dig (open seasonally)
Little Diggers Garden is open June - September (weather permitting).  Every day at 11a.m. Bellaboo’s flower and vegetable garden is planted, showered and loved by little ones.  Featuring garden songs, worm digs and eco-friendly information that young minds can dig their shovels into and more!
Stuffee Stuffee© is a one-of-a-kind ambassador for health. He is a super-sized doll with a zipper down the middle of his chest and abdomen. When the zipper is opened you will find all of a human body's internal organs.
Stuffee at Bellaboos Stuffee©, with the aid of trained instructors, is used to teach children preschool through grades four about the human body and how it functions.